What is Neurographica® and how do you benefit from it?

Neurographica® is a therapeutic method made by drawing, which has certain rules and principles, based on neuroscience. It was created by Pavel Piskarev, Russian psychologist, architect and business coach, patented in 2015.

It’s considered a practical method of mindfulness.


  • increases motivation and release stress
  • helps overcome limited beliefs by establishing new neuronal pathways
  • regulates the nervous system by activating the connection between neuronal cells

The only thing you need to start is a pen and a piece of paper.


Oana Alina Dănilă is a licensed neurographica® specialist and coach. Prior to working with people she ran her own veterinary clinic and worked as a veterinary doctor, training which laid the foundation to better understanding the nervous system and it’s intricacies. Among other things this also motivated her to learn about TRE®, therapy in which she is currently studying to become a provider. She guides people to overcome mental and emotional blocks, sheds light on ways to achieve their goals and provides perspectives on how to express their emotions and communicate better with the people around them, be it a family setting or a professional one.