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Bonus for any plan purchased

2 Neurographica® sessions with a licensed specialist: since mental and emotional well-being are complementary to physical health, I offer you these 2 sessions each month as part of the package.

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240 Euro
  • 2 sessions/week (1h sessions)
  • 8 sessions/month
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330 Euro
  • 3 sessions/week (1h sessions)
  • 12 sessions/month
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Standard Advanced

270 Euro
  • 2 sessions/week (1.5h sessions)
  • 8 sessions/month
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400 Euro
  • 3 sessions/week (1.5h session)
  • 12 sessions/month
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There is nothing worse than a generic plan, a copy-paste template that one can hand out for you to follow to achieve personal goals. The whole idea in personal training is that it is tailored to each individuals needs, fitness and mindset and availability. My commitment as a coach is that you will have my full attention, knowledge, understanding and support to guide you in your training. I will keep it simple and comprehensive.

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Book your first month now!

Once you purchase one of the plans, we will schedule our first meeting where we will go through the Initial Assessment. This session is complementary. Regardless whether you are in the beginning of your fitness journey or you’ve been training for years, there is always room for improvement. I know there is for me!

This assessment consists of specific exercises that help me to see and understand how you move, what are your strengths that we can build on and what are the deficiencies that we need to address. At the same time, we will test your overall strength and mobility in order to calibrate the weights and exercises that we will be using once I create your personal training schedule for the weeks to come.

Once we have done this, the hard part is over - the first step. Congratulations. The next step is easier: follow through and trust the process. Changes don’t happen overnight, and you are already one step closer to a better you!